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Global Communications

Wynn Data Ltd. assists organizations in utilizing the Internet for marketing communications, electronic publishing, customer service, and product distribution.

The Internet is a worldwide computer network linking 20 million people in commercial, educational, and government organizations. Current Internet growth is over 1 million people each month.

Seven thousand commercial businesses,, and 30% of the Fortune 500 use the Internet, among them Ford Motors, Digital Equipment Corp, American Express, Disney, and IBM.

The Internet connects public institutions such as the American Red Cross, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute; educational institutions such as MIT, Mills College, and local high schools; and government organizations such as the White House, United Nations, state of California, Environmental Protection Agency, and Food and Drug Administration.

This electronic communications network provides a cost effective means to reach your customers, to contact them directly at their desks.

Marketing Communications

Think of the Internet as another medium or distribution channel. Like print advertising, catalogs, or FAX back service, the Internet provides a means to communicate with your customers.

The Internet saves you time and money. Minutes after you complete a new product announcement, it is distributed and available worldwide. Electronic catalogs, price lists, or inventories allow you to update information on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis without the need to print, handle, or distribute paper or physical media.

The Internet handles more than just text. Graphics, CAD drawings, audio records, music, photographs, and even video and animated graphics can all be "published" on the Internet.

Customer Service

Want to improve your customer support?

Improve communications between customers and your product development or sales organization?

Think about the benefits of being able to communicate directly with the customers who use your products. You can inform them of new products or improvements to existing products. Now you can get the feedback necessary to improve your products before your customers have defected to the competition.

Product Distribution

If your product is information or software, the Internet allows you to distribute it electronically. Customers can have instant access to the most current versions of your product. No disks or documentation to print and distribute. No more wait for overnight delivery.

Internet Servers

Wynn Data Ltd. provides a number of server technologies to meet your distribution requirements. Operating World Wide Web (WWW), Gopher, Anonymous FTP, and mailing list servers allows Wynn Data Ltd. to obtain the correct combination to meet your customers' needs.


Wynn Data Ltd. offers services and training to support your organization's use of the Internet. In addition to services at our facilities, we can train your staff for in-house operations.
Document/Catalog Translation
Turnkey document conversion is available from existing paper or database/word processing systems to Internet compatible formats.
Publishing/Distribution Services
Network distribution of your information. Wynn Data Ltd. provides interactive search and retrieval, electronic mail distribution, and bulletin board access to your information.
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