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Enterprise Wide Unix and Client Server Management

Small Systems Management

A single Unix system, or a network of Unix workstations and X terminals can be a cost effective solution for a small business or a small department of a larger firm. Wynn Data Limited has experience designing and configuring such systems in a manner that allows them to operate with a minimum of system administration intervention needed after installation. This means that in many cases no on staff system administrator is needed at the client site.

For those clients that need or desire monitoring of their systems after installation and configuration Wynn Data Limited offers a remote monitoring and administration service.

Large System Management

Wynn Data Limited has developed both tools and techniques to effectively and efficiently manage large Unix and client server installations. With the proper tools and network design/administration procedures in place the number of workstations a system administrator can effectively manage is increased. In many cases the work load on the administrator is decreased. This means that the administrator can turn some energies to planning for the future.

System Support Automation

Wynn Data Limited believes in helping its clients to work smarter, not harder. For this reason we have developed techniques for automating much routine system maintenance work. We can show you how to adapt these techniques to your environment.

Wide Area Networking

With 15 years experience in data communications and 10 years experience in Unix and client server network systems Wynn Data Limited is uniquely positioned to assist you in planning and designing your wide area network, or assisting you in deploying new applications via an existing WAN.

Local, Enterprise and World Wide e-mail

Electronic mail (e-mail) can make your organization more productive. Administering an e-mail installation that has world wide reach for thousands of users is no more time consuming than a small e-mail system for just a few local users. The trick is how the system is configured. Wynn Data Limited can get your e-mail moving both locally and to the world via the internet.

Real Time Operating Systems

Wynn Data Ltd. has been working with the OS9 operating system, which is the basis of current CDI development, for over 10 years. Our programmers were on the team that brought uucp and electronic mail to OS9. We have also ported many Unix utilities to OS9.

Custom Hardware/Software Solutions

If you have an unusual situation or problem we can probably give you the solution. Wynn Data Ltd. developed just such a custom solution of both hardware and software for the Computer Music Department at Columbia University. It allows students who are miles away from the computer and synthesizer at the University to hear their compositions using only a regular telephone line and a plain ascii terminal.

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