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622A President Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Voice: 718-398-8431 Internet: sales@wynn.com

Wynn Data Limited may already have a software solution to your problem. You can look at the man pages for some of our software by clicking on a choice below.
  • runmenu creates menus quickly for Sun and BSDI systems.
  • beeptool alpha or numeric paging with Xwindows gui and command line interface.
  • nbeep is the numeric pager module of Beeptool and runs on BSDI and Sun systems.
  • Dsmd Distributed systems monitoring daemon for Sun and BSDI systems.
  • Wynnbu is a reliable file by file backup system for BSDI, SunOS/Solaris and HP/UX systems.
  • For more information on these products send e-mail to sales@wynn.com
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